When I Drive – Legal Regulations Around The World

Drunk driving is a major sin on the road! We all know very well the danger of it, we have been witnessing the results of it, but not everyone is aware of its gravity.

In some countries, there is still mention of the irregularity and danger of drinking and driving in school. We’ve heard statistics, we’ve been warned, and so on, we know it’s wrong, and yet we do. Find us on https://www.leyba-defense.com/

The worst thing is that people who drink and drive often remain unpunished. They either have escaped, or the laws do not apply to them.

In the United States, the punishment for driving drunk depends on several factors, including the state in which the law is violated. For all 50 states, the condition is not to make with more than 0.08 perm, but some have tightened the rules to 0.05 per liter of alcohol in the blood. In some states, it is even illegal to keep an open bottle in your car while driving. In most countries, the following punishment takes into account the level of intoxication and previous offenses on the road. Based on these factors, some people go to jail; some lose driving rights, others get severe penalties.

Today, MEPs adopted the amendments proposed by GERB to the CC, which affect the drivers. GERB and MRF deputies supported the proposal.

The law provides for changes to sanctions and penalties for drivers who sit behind the wheel after drinking spirits and after using experiments. If the samples read more than 1.2 milligrams in the blood of the driver, the offender expects him a penalty of 200 leva and a prison of 1 to 3 years, rather than the imprisonment for up to one year.

Some Countries Are More Suited To The United States, But Most Norms And Laws Are Very Similar.

In Australia, experienced drivers have the right to drive up to 0.05 per minute, and beginners with up to 0.02 per liter alcohol level in the blood. Penalties are similar to those in the States.

In France, drunk driving is punished by a fine of $ 1,000, imprisonment for 1 year, and seizure of the right to drive for three years.

In Finland and Sweden, drunk drivers automatically go to jail for 1 year and are subjected to heavy physical labor. With repeated non-compliance – they lose their right to drive forever!

In South Africa, driving under the influence of alcohol leads to ten years of imprisonment or a $ 10,000 fine, in some cases both.

In Canada, the first violation of the law results in a fine of $ 600 and a driving disqualification for one year. Re offending leads to a two-week prison and ineligibility for two years.

In the UK, a drunk driver pays a fine of $ 250, spends years in prison, and then loses his right to drive for a year.

The new changes concerning the drivers who violate the law are already a fact

The new changes to the law concerning traffic offenders that regulate traffic rules are already a fact.