Best RSS Reader: Helping You Recover From The Death Of Google Reader


If you’re a fan of using RSS readers, you’ve probably already heard that Google’s RSS Reader is on its way out and being put into “remission” on July 1st. While there are definitely times for careful thought, scrutiny, and even considerable contemplation as to the reason for its demise, it’s time to forge on in consideration of other worthy readers. The following is a list of other available readers – and you just might find one you like to use. As far as which one is the best rss reader? You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.


best rss reader

If you are familiar with the Google Reader setup, this one will feel a good bit different. However, if If you are somebody who uses multiple devices and particularly enjoys having all of their software in sync, this is a great option. It runs on the standard mobile platforms, Android and IOS, has available extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and can also be found on other sources like Kindle. Best of all, it is free and it’s designed well.



best rss reader

You can get a free or $1 a month account with NewsBlur. The free one does have a limit of only 64 feed unfortunately, but the paid account is pretty cheap at only $1.00 a month for a reader that has a “similar” feel to Google. This one does have an Android and IOS version for those of you who are mobile or tablet users.


The Old Reader

best rss reader

If this feels really good and familiar, there is a reason for that. It practically is Google Reader with almost the same interface for users. You can even use your Google account to import your current feeds. Unfortunately, there are no apps out there for this, yet. So users may have to skip out on using their cell phone for browsing their feeds with this one. But it’s a good option – especially when it is set up so seamlessly.



best rss reader

Android users will like this one for the same reason they pick their phones – customization. But that is where this reader falls short like some of the others as there are no mobile app options available for this reader either. But, NetVibes does have a great setup for widgets allowing you to organize your specific feed and folder setup. I probably wouldn’t consider this one the best rss reader for my personal feed needs, but it’s fun to play around with.



best rss reader

This guy is Android. It looks good, has some organizational options, and does work fine in your browser. Pulse even says itself on the site that “Pulse is a fast and beautiful way to read your favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers.” Check it out.



best rss reader

This one is nice as a mobile app specifically. It has a real magazine like feel to it because of the way it uses images. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a desktop option at the moment. It looks good, though.



best rss reader

This reader is nice, clean, and set up for Android and IOS. This one will feel more like a newspaper than a magazine unlike some of the other readers, but its got a nice feel to it.


The Best One

best rss readerHaving a tough time picking out the best rss reader? I would recommend checking a couple out and playing with it for a couple of days. I tend to be a cross platform guy, so I gravitate towards readers like Feedly. But, who knows – maybe the magazine like feel of some of these others will win some time out in the end. We’ll have to see.