Lose Weight Fast

Lose weight fast

lose-weight-fastOver the past several years – as age has moved upward – I’ve tried all sorts of different diets and weight loss plans in order to lose weight fast. Years ago, I mostly used an Atkins type diet – which worked well while I was working out

hard. This was fine for most years, until I hurt my shoulders so bad that working out my upper body was not a serious option. Moving into harder lower body workouts would’ve been great but, from damage done during younger years, I didn’t really have a good back. So, with walking being my only serious recourse, I did that. My weight continued to rise, though, and I started to really not feel well. Finally, after trying several other types of diets, I turned to raw food juicing. I had watched the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and figured I had nothing to lose – no pun intended. Boy, did it work well. After four months, I’ve lost thirty three pounds and slimmed down considerably. My skin has gotten much better, and I FEEL like exercising. Because of the damage done to my body in previous years, I had really lost the desire to exercise. I would hurt physically – not the normal muscle, but back and joint pain. This made it hard to  do what needed to be done. You’ve probably heard of some of the initial issues that come with juicing – like detoxing – and they all bore true. What I didn’t expect, was a return of my joints. After ten years of not being able to do a push up from shoulder damage, I was able to finally start doing them without popping them out of joint. The juicing impact was tremendous!

What has happened since then?

I’ve continued to juice, but added a meal or two to my daily eating – and the weight has stayed off. So, not only did I lose weight fast, but it effectively stayed off. And, rather than doing one or two push ups, I’ve been able to build up to multiple sets each day – and have the energy to do that and more. So, for those who have struggled with weight loss and never really been able to keep it off, I would really encourage you to give this a try – a serious try. It does work. Watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and then go out and get yourself a Juiceman Juicer. Four to six months down the road, your life will have changed drastically for the better.

What you lose

Wondering what the effects will be for you? Well, let me give you a list of what happened to me and you can compare yourself to them.

1. weight

This is an obvious one, but it was really groundbreaking for me – to lose weight as fast as I did and to keep it off.

2. Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with this about about seven years ago. You guessed it. All my symptoms have gone away. I don’t have any anymore.

3. Joint ache

I know that this is a subset of Fibromyalgia, but this ends up being a wonderful by product of juicing for people without it as well. So, I thought that I would include it. After about three months, my joints just stopped aching.

4. Hunger/ appetite control

I noticed that my “full” button came back. I felt full, and I felt satiated. For those who struggle with weight, remember the issue. Think about it. You probably eat even past stuffed, but still don’t feel great or energetic. It’s the lack of nutrients. Your body is starving for them, and you get them with juicing. Check this one out and let me know if this shows up as a specific by product of juicing for you!

5. Bloating

I had a very bloated stomach going into this. I realized partway through juicing that, the bloating seemed to be related to allergy foods. Once I started juicing and went through detox, my stomach started going way down, not only from weight loss, but from bloating going down specifically – and it felt great.

6. Allergies

If you have a lot of extra weight you’re carrying around, chances are, you probably deal with this. I didn’t realize it until after the summer, though, when it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t had to take any allergy medicine at all. This may not be the same for everybody, but I know that it changed for me. It was so nice not having terribly itchy eyes through the summer or other allergy symptoms.

Let me know if you end up having a similar experience and what happened in these or more areas. I’d love to hear about it. Anyway, good luck on the weight loss, mate. I know you won’t regret it.

Men of Prayer – The Husband’s Place in the Home

Men of Prayer – The Husband’s Place in the Home.


As a newly married man, my future as a married man has just begun. In preparation for marriage, we take time to read, even before
meeting our future bride, those things which help us know what to expect, how to respond to our spouse, how to minister, organize the home, and a host of other areas that are all necessary for the growth, health, and nurturing of a home. One area that I had not expected to encounter significant spiritual resistance in, or as much of a fight in, was in personal and family devotions. It’s safe to say from my beginning experience and from talking to other men, that the devotional area for men is even more of a battlefield in married life, than single. I don’t say this to discourage other men (or woman), I say this to help emphasize the need for solid, heavy work in our walk with God before marriage, because it makes a difference after. I had made a habit for years to get up in the mornings to spend time with God in reading and prayer. Extra-Biblical book reading also made its way in there, but, it seemed that this was a harder task after marriage. Things took longer now that there were two people, or more, in the home and putting good solid time into my relationship with God became a little more involved. There also seemed to be a distinct element of heavier spiritual battling.

Making a difference

In my earlier years through Scripture reading, I learned to really appreciate the physical expression of praise and humility seen in Scripture. You have David coming before the Lord with outstretched hands, the children of Israel jumping and singing praises to God, and then you have the corporate or individual expression of humbling one’s self by going prostrate. It’s not popular to talk about the physical position of making one’s self prostrate, but we do find that it is a frequent position of Israel, the prophets, and others (men and women) who come face to face before God (2 Chronicles 20:18). I’d practiced prostrate prayer before as a single man, but had not done so for a while up to the time of marriage. Now, with the spiritual battle seeming to press upon me, I decided to once again incorporate it into my time of prayer and I’ll have to tell you – it was a blessing. There are a couple reasons I think this really helped in prayer.

  1. Being prostrate physically re-enforces the position the heart should be in
  2. Being prostrate is a natural expression of the position the heart is in (Psalm 95:6 come let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our God, our Maker; Ephesians 3:14)
  3. Being prostrate physically re-enforces a habit – prayer (1 timothy 4:7 – discipline yourselves for the purpose of godliness)
  4. Physically demonstrating praise, humility or testifying of the Lord is encouraged in Scripture (Psalm 95:6 – come let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our God, our Maker)
  5. Our real enemies against whom we fight see a husband going to prayer before the Lord in his home (Ephesians 6:12)

Through the years, I’ve heard other believers consistently make the point that being physically prostrate before the Lord isn’t necessary, that it doesn’t inherently reflect the heart, and that people may have physical limitations. These things are true, but, I believe the issue of physical limitations to not be in the majority, and we see in Scripture a consistent encouragement and display of physical expressions of the heart by believers in the Old and New Testament. Of course being prostrate does not make one Holy, but it is a physical humbling of ourselves, which goes along well with times of prayer.


I hope this is encouraging to other husbands who may be newly married and are undergoing more fight in their walk with God than previously experienced – for single men as well. I would encourage you to try this. Make a habit of it. I saw the battle move forward in my own life. My spirit felt strengthened – and I think my wife’s was too as an effect of it. In the end I hope you’ll take encouragement from 1 Corinthians 16:13 to watch, stand fast, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. Be men of prayer.