Conversion Optimization: Heatmapping Tools For Better Site Data

conversion testingFor those of you who are interested in helping refine visits to your website, here is a great tool  available for free – thanks to a special ending in the next 13 hours (or less depending on when you read this)! Just click here to get Crazy Egg’s lifetime heatmap testing software for free up to 5000 visitors per month.

Testing is a necessary function when it comes to marketing and conversion optimization helps you answer the question, “hey, what do my visitors find useful on my site?” The great thing about this is the fact that anybody can use it. Want to know which articles on your site are most compelling? Conversion optimization can help you figure that out. Check it out even if you’re just doing blog posts – you’ll be fascinated by what you find and it will help you reach your clients or readers even better by knowing what is most useful to them on your site.

Conversion Optimization

Crazy egg specializes in heatmap testing, but also offers several other useful features like scroll testing. The heatmap tool will show you where your visitors are clicking with a nice easy to see picture like this. Specifically, it helps provide a visualization of where your visitors are clicking. When an area is brighter it means that it’s more popular. When it’s less popular, it will be darker. You’ll be able to see the color of an area change as it gets more clicks.


Anyway, enjoy the product! Let me know if you find any other free perks for conversion testing software! If you’re interested in finding more great software deals related to websites and business function, you can check out appsumo who put the deal together in the first place.

heatmap testing


Mobile SEO: Making The Most Of Your Available Traffic

mobile seoMobile SEO is a buzz word right now in the SEO world, but if you are just beginning to learn about search engine optimization, chances are, you haven’t heard of it – or at least much about it.

I’ve heard it promoted with a lot of service based companies who have a lot of searches take place for their industry from the phone and, even though you may not think that it is important for yours – take a second look.

There’s more money on the table than you may realize

There are two sides to mobile SEO marketing. If you want to start off with basics first, you can read through my SEO Basics post. What we’ve found through monitoring our clients and their return on investment, is that, typically, about 20% of their traffic or more is all mobile. You may be thinking, “how does that apply to me – that doesn’t sound like very much?” Or, some of you may be thinking that you have a WordPress site which automatically provides a mobile site, so you don’t need one.

Human Conversions

This is where you’ll find that your profit is still out there with your visitors. If you look at the automatically generated WordPress version of your site, sure, it fits on a person’s phone. But, if you are a service provider of any type, what are your visitors looking for on your site from their phone – your phone number. And, if it’s not easy to find and automatically plugs into their phone’s call function, you are going to miss some potential calls, which turns into potential customers and revenue. This is what I mean by saying that “there’s more money on the table than you may realize.” You may ask, “how do I fix this to work best for my company and how should it look?”

Taking Advantage Of Mobile Traffic

taylor's mobile siteThis is a good example of the basic look I would suggest. You can show this to a website company, and often be able to get it properly put together within a good budget. It’s really pretty simple isn’t it – but it makes a strong difference.

This mobile design was put together from our friends in South Carolina at the Worthwhile company. You can find them at if you’re looking for sound design company in that area. If you are in the Seattle or more Northwest area, you can give us a call at and we can help you work through the mobile site process.

Continually Improving

From this point on, analyze your main site in the same way. Can your customers who are looking for a number easily find it, or ask for a quote. Customers will look for a sound service company who makes it simple to contact them and it’s to your benefit to keep them in mind with your main and mobile site as you inform them of your services online.


What we’ve covered today is the human conversion portion of mobile SEO. For more information on mobile ranking you can visit SEO moz, or visit back as I do update.