Conversion Optimization: Heatmapping Tools For Better Site Data

conversion testingFor those of you who are interested in helping refine visits to your website, here is a great tool  available for free – thanks to a special ending in the next 13 hours (or less depending on when you read this)! Just click here to get Crazy Egg’s lifetime heatmap testing software for free up to 5000 visitors per month.

Testing is a necessary function when it comes to marketing and conversion optimization helps you answer the question, “hey, what do my visitors find useful on my site?” The great thing about this is the fact that anybody can use it. Want to know which articles on your site are most compelling? Conversion optimization can help you figure that out. Check it out even if you’re just doing blog posts – you’ll be fascinated by what you find and it will help you reach your clients or readers even better by knowing what is most useful to them on your site.

Conversion Optimization

Crazy egg specializes in heatmap testing, but also offers several other useful features like scroll testing. The heatmap tool will show you where your visitors are clicking with a nice easy to see picture like this. Specifically, it helps provide a visualization of where your visitors are clicking. When an area is brighter it means that it’s more popular. When it’s less popular, it will be darker. You’ll be able to see the color of an area change as it gets more clicks.


Anyway, enjoy the product! Let me know if you find any other free perks for conversion testing software! If you’re interested in finding more great software deals related to websites and business function, you can check out appsumo who put the deal together in the first place.

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